The guidelines for the Echigo Country Trail 2023

Hello there!

Today, the temperature has been steadily rising since morning, reaching up to around 25 degrees Celsius even here in Oguni-cho. This season is known for its drastic temperature changes, which can make you feel tired, so please be careful not to catch a cold.

By the way, many people might be starting their Golden Week holiday tomorrow. We have now published the guidelines for the Echigo Country Trail 2023. Please take the time to carefully review them during your holiday, and consider registering for the race!
The registration deadline is May 26th.

Please note that there will be no shuttle bus service this year since there will be no 63km race. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please come to the venue, Oguni Forest Park, by car or public transportation. We have also posted transportation information on our website, so please refer to it.

We look forward to receiving many entries from all of you.

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