Entry Acceptance Now Open!

Good morning!

Just a moment ago, at midnight, the registration for the “Echigo Country Trail 2024” officially began.

While it’s still a bit ahead, for those who have set their goal for this year as “Complete Echikan!” (anyone out there?), please be sure to register during this period! The photo below shows the scene from yesterday’s meeting.

We had a discussion with “Tokimingo,” who will be responsible for managing the race to ensure participants can run smoothly and safely without injuries, and the secretariat “Team Oguni.” We discussed details such as aid stations, medical support, and the overall operational structure.

This year, considering the cancellation of the 63km category last year, the operational setup is quite extensive. For Team Oguni, securing the necessary manpower and acquiring expertise in aid station management and medical support on the day of the event are the top priorities.

Currently, in the rapidly declining population of Oguni-cho, Nagaoka City, securing manpower is quite challenging… (teary-eyed).

It’s time to kick off the full-scale preparations for the success of the event!

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