Entry for RUN NET Starts on January 10th (Wednesday)!

Happy New Year!

We wish you a wonderful year as we embark on a new beginning. The start of the year brought warm and delightful New Year celebrations, but amidst these joys, a sudden earthquake occurred. It reminded us of the strong tremors from the Niigata-Chuetsu Earthquake of 2004. Our heartfelt condolences go out to those who lost their lives in this recent earthquake, and we extend our deepest sympathies to those who have been affected. We sincerely pray for the safety of everyone in the affected regions and for a swift recovery and reconstruction.

Now, without further ado, we have an announcement for you all.

The entry date for the Echigo Country Trail 2024 on RUN NET has been confirmed!

We eagerly await your many entries.

Application Period

 From January 10th (Wednesday)
to May 24th (Friday).

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