Hydration Drink Distribution Announcement

Hello everyone!

With just 10 days left until the race, we’re buzzing with excitement and last-minute preparations.

We’ve got some great news! Gosyu Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. will be providing hydration drinks for the event. You can grab these at the 4th aid station (Seseragi Park Aid Station) on the 63km course.

A dedicated booth will be set up for free distribution, so if you’re running the 63km race, be sure to stop by and get your drink.

While the free drinks are only at the 4th aid station of the 63km race, you can also find them at Yorakukan in Oguni Forest Park (the shop and bath will be open on the day). Check it out if you get a chance!

The weather forecast for race day is partly cloudy with a high of 28°C. Make sure you plan your hydration strategy well to avoid heatstroke!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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