Reflecting on the Event! 2.5km Edition

The 2.5km race started at 11:00, 30 minutes after the 22km race began. Since there was a bit of time after the start of the 22km race, we all did radio exercises together. With participants ranging from children to accompanying fathers, mothers, grandparents, it was important to do a thorough warm-up exercise.

The race started as scheduled at 11:00.

The top runners in this race came back in no time—taking about 10 minutes. Unfortunately, we couldn’t capture the finish scene of the top athletes due to our oversight.

During the race, there were heartwarming scenes of fathers encouraging, mothers urging their children to hurry up, and many other delightful moments.

There were also places like this along the course—a kind of athletic area that looked like a lot of fun! But inevitably, there was a bit of congestion.

Once you climb the steep slope, you’re halfway there—keep it up, dads!

This girl is at just 3 years old, was the youngest participant today and completed the race in 39 minutes!

Congratulations to everyone in the following categories:

◎Elementary school and below

◎Junior high school to 49 years old

◎50 years and above

Congratulations everyone.

That concludes the race report. After finishing their own race, the students from Oguni Elementary School were conducting surveys among the runners.

It’s not often that so many people gather in Oguni Town, so it was a great opportunity. I’m curious about the content of the survey.

The 2.5km race may finish quickly compared to the 22km race, but participants from both within and outside the city added various enjoyable elements to the event. It made me realize the diverse pleasures people find in participating in this race.

To all the participants, well done, and thank you very much!

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