What’s New

  • We have placed trail markers along the course.
    We have placed trail markers along the course.
  • May twilight
    I will deliver the evening of mid-May in Oguni-town after finishing rice planting.
  • Introducing our guest runner, Chizuru Oobuchi!
    Let me introduce our guest runner, Chizuru Oofuchi. It seems that the Echigo Country Trail was her first trail run experience.
  • The locations of the aid stations, cutoff points, and times.
    Here is the information about the locations of the aid stations and the cutoff point: There are three aid stations available. The cutoff point is at the Hossi Aid station, which is located approximately 11 kilometers from the starting point. The cutoff time is 13:30. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with!
  • The state of Oguni Forest Park
    Today is the last day of April. Unfortunately, it’s raining on this lovely Sunday. We have received updates from local volunteers on the condition of the Oguni Forest Park, which will serve as the start and finish line of the Echigo Country Trail 2023. We will gradually be uploading course photos focusing on the 22km […]
  • The guidelines for the Echigo Country Trail 2023
    We have posted the event guidelines for the Echigo Country Trail 2023. If you are still undecided about entering, please give it a read. We are looking forward to receiving many entries from all of you.
  • Notice of Partial Course Change (22km Race)
    Hello everyone, This is a notice regarding a change in the course for the 22km race. (Course map can be found here) After running for about 2km from the start, you will cross a national highway. Please note that the location where you cross the national highway and beyond has been changed. Do you know […]
  • Entry has started.
    ntries for Echigo Country Trail 2023 have started.
    The application deadline is May 26th.