Traveling trail running

Captured from the summit of Mt.Hachikoku

Introducing the ECHIGO COUNTRY TRAIL in Oguni-machi, Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture!

Starting and finishing at the Oguni Forest Park, this trail spans a total of 63km, connecting the majestic mountains and villages. It follows ancient mountain paths that once connected various villages where ancestors walked in their daily lives.

To the east, it crosses Oguni-touge and Jyouyama, reaching Tokimizu and Hakusan Sports Park in Ojiya City. To the west, it leads to the summit of Mt. Hachikoku, the highest peak in Oguni-machi.

Participants can choose from three courses:
The 63km course connecting majestic mountains and villages.
“Journey through Villages” covering 22km within Oguni-machi,
“Forest Park Exploration” with a distance of 2.5km inside Oguni Forest Park.
We welcome participants of all levels, from beginners to advanced runners, as well as families.

Aiming for a race where “everyone is the main character”!

One of the most frequently heard comments from runners who participate in the ECHIGO COUNTRY TRAIL is: “The cheering is amazing!” “Even when I was about to walk, everyone’s ‘ganbare’ (go for it) motivated me to keep running!” “Everyone’s cheering makes me feel like a hero!” This is one of the parts of the race that we are proud of and why many participants become repeat runners. The hospitality of “Oguni” is embodied in the support given to runners who are running desperately. “Repeating runners one after another! The philosophy of the popular trail running event that supports ‘everyone is the main character’.”